*Confused on what SEO is? Watch our video for a quick overview. 

Does Your Business Need More Targeted Traffic?

Our Lasting Methods Brings You The Google Results You’ve Been Looking For.

Grafting In Form

Targeted Acquisition

We don’t simply seek to grow your traffic in general but we acquire valuable targeted traffic you need.

Onsite Legitimacy

We put resources and experience into your existing site so it becomes a commodity not an afterthought.

Targeted Keywords

We look for high valuation keywords with your target audience in mind for higher converstions rates.

What Will We Do For You?

We look for a manageable online game plan by reviewing your business, it’s overall online SEO strategy and your long term goals but geographically and through online sales.

For those small businesses that are locally geared, we focus on putting you on the map. Both figuratively and through google maps. We have tried and true methods to place you in the google 3 pak.

We provide all our clients with manageable and reviewable online reports. You can review ranking, customer acquisition, ROI, targeted audience and more.

We provide all our clients with direct care including our cell phones, text availability and more. Our clients have direct contact with their account specialist.

Our Services

SEO Services Overview

Do you have videos that are just not ranking like you hoped? Is your company losing valuable customers due to your competitors google placement? Our team has trained with and become world class SEO experts over for half a decade. We have the knowhow and the expertise to get your product or service in front of the right person and at the right time.

  • Offsite Optimization 80%
  • Onsite Optimization 65%
  • Social Signals 35%
  • Local Branding 25%

Your website should be one of your most valuable employees. Working for you 24 hours a day, pursuing your clients when they are looking and capturing valuable data you need.

Gary Morris and Ron PelshawWelcome to Grafted-In Marketing and Design, you may have found us in a number of different ways. Social media, google, youtube, one of our many different speaking engagements throughout the year. That is the very thing we help companies achieve. We don’t want to find traffic in one avenue but many.

Our clients arguably have some of the most competitive keywords in the market. As do we. Regardless if it’s Flint SEO, Detroit SEO or Michigan SEO companies. We have to fight to the top of the pack. We have put all our effort into our clients for the past couple years and have provided any oncoming prospective client with a list of our clients current rankings (and we still do). But this year starting in February 2016 we are pursuing our own ranking and recording the progress for our multiple educational and online marketing consulting courses.

There are many myths regarding Search Engine Optimization Experts and online marketing as a whole. Contrary to popular to belief, it’s not black magic or unreviewable data. Your investment into any B2B service needs to have clear and achievable goals with real monetary ROI’s. Our goal is to get you there while helping you understand the data at the same time.

We want to help good businesses get found beyond all the noise. That starts with a plan and a firm grasp of where you are and where you want to be. We would like to give you a free website consultation. Reviewing your site and a couple competitors. We will give you honest answers on your sites current condition and what we would do to get you the fight. If you think thats you, take a few minutes to review our online form or call us at 248-202-9080.

Online Marketing

From email campaigns to social media retargeting, we offer optimal online marketing for lasting results.

Search Engine Optimization

We review your site structure, keyword placement, interlinking structure and more for top optimization.

Web Redesign

Regardless if you are frustrated with your current site or just need higher conversion rates, we can help.